Primary School Music CPD APPROX 3 -5 HOURS TO COMPLETE The Musical Me - cor transparent The Musical Me are an accredited supplier of CPD courses by CPD UK. ANYONE CAN SING - HERE'S HOW! LEAD VOCAL GROUPS LEARN HOW TO
GET STARTED! Pitch Perfect. £29.99 Revise your own singing ability in
order to teach singing confidently.

Do you want to deliver inspiring & engaging singing classes, but haven't received any in depth training on how to sing yourself?

Pitch Perfect is a course dedicated to revising your own singing ability. Designed to boost confidence & improve skills in areas such as pitching, intervals and leading vocal groups.

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What will I learn?

How to sing confidently

By the end of the course, you will be able to confidently sing a melody line with a clear understanding of pitch and tone.

Singing techniques you can use today

You will gain further knowledge of appropriate singing technique, including their purpose.

The importance of intervals

You will be able to clearly identify interval pitches, and be able to use this to improve your own singing.

How to warm both yours and your childrens voices up effectively.

You will be able to confidently lead a group vocal warm-up and participate.

Put your new knowledge into practice

To be able to practically exercise all of the above confidently in groups or solo, and understand how these can impact your music lessons.

Three steps to singing & leading vocal groups confidently.


Watch our expert video course on primary school singing. With over 2 hours of video content, quizzes and a final exam, you’ll be sure you’ve learnt everything you need to know on how to teach singing confidently.


You’ll also get access to our exclusive workbooks, full of extra information you can take straight into your classroom.


With your purchase, you’ll also get access to our forums, a social group of like minded teachers and our expert tutors on hand to answer any questions you may have.

But don't just take our word for it...

Your course itinerary. An in depth look at primary school singing & what you'll learn.

Training on breathing & posture. A detailed practical session covering posture, and breathing. An opportunity to see first hand how changing your posture and breathing can enhance your vocal performance and get your whole primary school singing.

It’s technique time! A detailed practical session covering the vocal registers, pitching, interval training, and the singing vowels.

Warm up to the sound of your own voice. A detailed look into the importance of vocal warm ups and how they can impact on our vocal performances and voice health. A look into how you can effectively engage your students in a warm up during music lessons, including tips and advice on warm ups that kids love!

A detailed look into how you conduct and lead vocal groups of all kinds and abilities. Focusing on the basic principles of conducting including keeping time, pre-empting cues and signalling parts using verbal and physical gestures.

So what are you waiting for?

Join us. Grow your confidence in your own abilities to teach music to your class. Learn how to sing, and how to teach singing effectively. Talk to like-minded teachers and experts in our groups & forums, including an exclusive group for this course. 

We believe every child has the right to an inspiring and engaging music education. Let’s get your whole primary school singing. Together, we can reform primary music education. Get started today for just £29.99.

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