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  • Paul McCandless

    January 19, 2021 at 3:44 pm

    Singing together feedback – Paul McCandless 19.1.21

    Just tried first few videos of the lessons and enjoyed them- thank you.


    Tutor very clear and positive without being too ‘gushing’. Explanations were stated simply without too much unnecessay detail (for example, the ‘Breathing’ clip was very clear and succinct).

    Graphics nicely uniform and early diagrams clear line diagrams without too much colour to distract the eye.

    Navigating the lessons could be one step easier by simply clicking when complete and this takes directly to the next lesson point (although members may wish to go back over lessons before moving on?)

    Some clips a little short. Perhaps joing several together to allow ‘flow’ – especially the introduction. Clips 1-5 could be one clip (this would decrease the breaks and the for some irritating intros to each clip. Why was there two separate videos on ‘posture’ – could they be merged into one?

    Suggest you warn members not to push themselves too high or low but to stop if they feel any discomfort (for example, I struggled with the high notes in the exercises)

    Points for completing sections good motivator for children but not for adults (could possibly have a toggle off switch for members not wanting to collect points?

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