Save The Date! World Music Day (21st June 2021)


  • Save The Date! World Music Day (21st June 2021)

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    Pete Jenkins

    May 3, 2021 at 10:53 am

    It may seem like a long way away, but we all know it will come around crazy fast! I thought I’d list a few ideas for getting your whole school involved in the day!

    Dress up like a rockstar day

    We’ve all heard of non-uniform days, so why not have a rockstar day. Encourage the children to come in dressed as either their favourite rockstar or what they would dress like if they were a rockstar! You could even host a competition in each class for the best dressed!

    Everyone brings in a favourite CD/Song to share

    Show & Tell is a common social activity in primary schools. It encourages the children to be confident in public speaking as well as providing important social interactions amongst younger students. So why not invite the children to bring along a song or CD that is a particular favourite of theirs and spend some time sharing the vast array of music and styles, encouraging them to discuss the reasons why they like those songs.

    Celebrate the blues by dressing up in blue

    The blues is one of the most influential musical genres to exist. So why not pay tribute to the blues by dressing up in blue! This could be something that all of the teachers take part in, all of the children in the school or even both!

    Start off the day by doing yoga to relaxing music

    World Music Day doesn’t have to be all rock and roll. It’s about incorporating music into as much of the day as possible. So why not try a relaxing activity like Yoga and turn on some music that is specifically used to compliment the activity. You’ll soon find yourself with a calm classroom and a serene start to your day!

    Battle of the Bands

    Why not take a leaf from the ‘School of Rock’ movie and create a battle of the bands tournament amongst your school classes. Each class can come up with their own song, dance routine and even costumes before the grand performance!

    Listen to a new song and review it!

    Encouraging the children to expand their musical knowledge and repertoire is a fantastic way to start your World Music Day. Why not select a new song that they likely won’t have heard before and get them using their reflective writing skills to write a review on the song and artist.

    Musical Era’s Assembly

    As a whole school, you can explore the various musical era’s that have influenced the music we hear today. Each class can pick an era and try to create a song to represent it. If your kids don’t fancy composing, why not have them produce a presentation to showcase in the assembly talking about the musical era they chose.

    Musical Posters

    World Music Day is the 21st of June 2021. Give each class a reminder and ask the children to draw posters to put up around the school! You could even have a competition to see who can create the best poster!

    Has everyone grabbed our resources pack designed specifically for World Music Day? Grab it from the Resources Hub now for free!

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