The problem with primary school music education


1 %

of primary teachers feel confident about teaching music*


1 %

of primary teachers have regular opportunities for ‘professional development’

1 %

of primary schools said that they did not meet the curriculum obligations (for music) to Year 6.

*Research from ‘Music Education : State Of The Nation’ by All-Party Parliamentary Group for Music Education, the University of Sussex and the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) (Correct As of 2019) Read the Report

How inspiring music education helps children.

Motor Skills

Children who receive an engaging reflection of the primary music curriculum are more effective in developing handwriting, motor skills & precise movements. **

Findings suggest a child’s development was positively associated with the number of years of music education they had received.*

Social Skills

Children with an engaging music education had a large increase in sympathy, and social behaviours. *

Evidence shows that children (age 4)  assigned to an inspiring music course demonstrated an increase in willingness to help others & to cooperate on problemsolving tasks. ***

Intelligence & Cognitive Development

Evidence shows that children receiving a positive music education reported enhanced performance on vocabulary, short term memory & verbal and non-verbal reasoning. *

After just 3 months of music, 5-6 year olds scored higher on IQ tests than peers with no music education. ***

Language Skills

Evidence shows that children with music education performed significantly better on auditory processing and phonoligcal awareness. *

Studying dyslexic 8-11 year olds, those that received music education outperformed others on phonological abilities, awareness & speech development. *****

Behaviour & Attention

Children who were taught to follow a driving beat in music education showed significantly less ADHD like behaviours than their peers. *

The importance of teaching music in primary schools is clear, as evidence shows that an inspiring music education directly develops a child’s attention, working memory & attentiveness in other lessons. *

Academic Performance

An Inspiring Music Education has been proven to have positive effects on promoting a positive approach to learning. *

There is a proven positive association between teaching on the primary music curriculum, ie. the number of hours per week spent on music, and performance in mathematics and other core subjects. ******

The importance of teaching music in primary schools references :

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The Importance of teaching music in primary schools was written by Pete Jenkins, The Musical Me Ltd. (2020) Read The Full Blog

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